D. O. Málaga & D. O. Sierras de Málaga

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Vélez-Málaga, Axarquía, Málaga

100% Muscat of Alexandria. One of the oldest clones of the Muscat family and one of the only remaining genetically unmodified vitis vinifera cultivars remaining in the world today. The seafaring Phoenicians transplanted this grape from Alexandria, Egypt to Málaga 3,000 years ago.

La Mina



Traditional dry farmed viticulture. Organic Gobelet trained vines. Cultivated completely by hand, with minimal human intervention. The majority of the vines receive no treatments whatsoever.

Mountain vineyards planted without terraces at inclinations of up to 70%. Slate and white quartz soils.

Mediterranean climate. Temperatures reach an average high of 86° F (30° C) in the summer and an average low of 46° F (8° C) in the winter. Rainfall is extremely scarce, only reaching a level of 400 mm per year.

The grapes are arranged one layer deep in small boxes that are stacked in a cool room in the winery for further drying. Rigorous selection of the late harvest, dried grapes on a selection table. The dried grapes are pressed and the must is immediately transferred to three large format (600L) French oak barrels for fermentation and ageing. 355 g R.S. 15 kg of grapes required to make 375 ml of wine.

35 months sur lie large format (600L) French oak barrels.

Deep amber, golden color. Full of intense ripe fruit aromatics complemented by honey and jasmine. An unctuous, opulent youth feel balanced out by bright acidity.

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