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Munébrega, Zaragoza. In the southern part of Calatayud, located amongst the Sierras of Vicor, Pardos, and Armantes.

100% Garnacha de Aragón, the oldest clone of Garnacha (Grenache) worldwide. Garnacha (Grenache) was first cultivated in this northeastern corner of Spain and transferred across the Mediterranean by the medieval Kingdom of Aragón.

Two small mountain plots planted in the low density “Marco Real” system.

1900, 1911


Traditional dry farmed viticulture. Organic Gobelet trained vines. Cultivated completely by hand, with minimal human intervention. The majority of the vineyards receive no treatments whatsoever. Unterraced mountainside vineyards.

Iron rich Cambrian-Silurian slate and quartz soils, partially covered by a thin layer of calcareous Mesozoic soil.

Extreme continental, with drastic temperature swings between day and night. Due to the altitude, 60°F temperature swings during the growing season are not uncommon. Extremely low levels of precipitations.

Spontaneous fermentation by indigenous yeasts in 2,500 L open top stainless steel temperature controlled fermenters. Short maceration to avoid over-extraction due to the tiny size of the old vine Garnacha berries.

The wine finishes primary and undergoes malolactic fermentation in puncheons and demi-muids. 20 months in barrel. The first 10 months are spent in 40% new, 60% second use vessels. The following 10 are spent in neutral 600L demi-muids.

An honest expression of the character of the original clones worldwide of the Garnacha grape. Calatayud is Spain’s highest altitude zone for the cultivation of Garnacha, and produces wines that are incredibly intense yet balanced with bright acidity due to the high altitudes. The slate soils impart a phenomenal minerality to Brega. Primary source records date back to the 7th Century demonstrate the cultivation of Garnacha in the medieval Kingdom of Aragón, which propagated this grape across the Mediterranean, including the South of France and Italy.

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